Wallpaper is trending now, the time is right to refresh your room.

Style your home with beautiful wallpaper. Create your own theme or texture to revive your living space.

This is a simple yet stylish way to update your home wall decor. There are a wealth of options for sizes, images, materials, and personalization. Choose from metallic to large-scale patterns to nature-inspired textures to transform your rooms.

Bold or deep colours, large patterns or strong contrasts will make your wall stand out for a smaller space such as a powder room. Subtle colours and small patterns will serve more as background, so they work well for bedrooms, living rooms and larger rooms. Solid-colour textures; materials like cork or mica add depth without dominating a room and vertical stripes help a room feel taller.

These are some of the types of wallpaper available:

Before purchasing, learn about the various types of wallpaper to help you narrow down your choices.


The most popular material is vinyl. Vinyl-coated paper is the least expensive, but also the least durable. Fabric-backed vinyl paper is much sturdier and durable. Paper-backed vinyl paper is the easiest to hang, and it is delivered pre-pasted and ready to apply. Solid vinyl options are waterproof and scratch resistant.

Textured paper offers a three-dimensional effect for those looking to enhance their space with an extra dose of the dramatic. These products may actually have a textured feel, or the illusion of texture may be created through a printing effect. Some products may allow you to apply a coat of paint on top, further improving the striking final look.

Fabric paper is created by adhering cloth particles to the secure vinyl backing. When hung, fabric textures lend a comfortable, warm feel to the space.

The shiny, reflective surface of foil paper is ideal for smaller spaces – it lightens and enlarges a room. It is delicate and harder to apply than other options, but the final result is spectacular.

After selecting the material, deciding on a pattern is the next step. Light colors enlarge a room while dark colors shrink the space. How will patterns affect the room’s atmosphere?

Horizontal stripes can make the ceiling appear lower while making the entire room look wider. Vertical patterns that repeat from ceiling to floor will appear to extend the height of the ceiling.

Small-scale designs will make the room appear bigger and are best for closed-in spaces like a bathroom. Large-scale designs are definitive and bold, and are better suited in empty blank space.