Looking for a refined, three-dimensional approach to you front door signage? Our Channel letters’ experts in Toronto and GTA will assist you in finding the perfect channel letter signs to fit your brand messaging and your budget. 

Wether you are looking for front lit, reverse lit or open faced channel letters in Toronto, these attention-grabbing and slick signs are sure to get your business noticed. 

Channel letter signs can be enhanced with logos, shapes and multiple fonts to give your channel letter signs project a custom and distinctive look.

Different Types of Channel Letter Signs

At Brilliant Signs and Events we want to make sure that the end result of your project is exactly what you’re looking for. That is why we are upfront about your channel signage options. 

  • Front Lit Channel Letters: The front-lit or standard channel letter is most common in the signage industry. Construction is simple. The sides and backing of front-lit channel letters are made out of aluminum. The “face” of each letter is constructed out of acrylic or polycarbonate. The lighting is internally placed and can come from neon or LED lights. Standard front-lit channel letters are very customizable.
  • Reverse Lit Channel Letters: This channel letter style sees the letters constructed of aluminum faces and sides and then lifted off the wall. The space that is created by separating the letter from the wall or a plaque allows for the LED or neon lights inside the letters to shine out of the sides of the letters. This creates a “halo” effect around them. Reverse lit channel lettering gives your project a sleek and refined look.
  • Open-Faced Channel Letters: Just like regular front-lit channel letters, open-faced channel letters have a backings and sides made out of aluminum. However, in open-faced channel lettering, the “face” is made out of transparent acrylic or not present at all – hence the term “open”. Every letter is illuminated with neon lights which are visually exposed by the absence of a face.

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