Outdoor Billboards

Looking for large outdoor billboards in Toronto and GTA? Billboards are a key feature of busy roadways and high traffic areas in any city or town. These large, vinyl-printed signs attract the attention of drivers and pedestrians alike because. That is because they feature large sizing, vibrant colours and clever text. They are often witty, showing clear visuals and slogans. They typically do not have a lot of words, they are designed to catch the driver’s attention in a very short period of time.

Billboard advertising is one of the most efficient promotional media in the market. That is why at Brilliant Signs & Events we can help you maximize that potential – working with your company or marketing team to develop of striking billboard. It will get you noticed by thousands of people every day.

Different types of Billboards:

Bulletins are the largest sized billboards and are used to attract motor traffic on highways and major arteries. Draw attention by utilizing billboards with 3 dimensional designs, extensions and moving parts.

Wallscapes Taking advantage of major landmark positions, these ads are painted on or attached to building surfaces. Special effects ensure high visibility.

Posters are used more often in local neighbourhoods. They are smaller in size and are seen by pedestrian and vehicular traffic in commercial areas. They are mass produced and are installed in several locations in order to flood the market. It is proven to provide 4 times more impressions per dollar than radio and magazines, 8 times more than TV and 11 times more than newspapers

JR Posters Seen mainly on smaller roads and neighbourhoods,are seen by car traffic and pedestrians and the target is more towards a local audience. They are typically installed at eye level and are installed on the sides of buildings.

Did you know:

2010 – The first “scented billboard”, emitting odors similar to charcoal and black pepper to suggest a steak grilling, was erected in Mooresville, North Carolina by the Bloom grocery chain to promote the sale of beef.

If you’re looking for the ultimate branding tool, consider a vinyl-printed Outdoor Billboard today. Call Brilliant Signs & Events at (416) 732-2436 for more information.