Commercial Signage

Every business needs commercial signage!

At Brilliant Signs & Events we are committed to helping your business shine. and commercial signage is key to making that first impression with first-time visitors and repeat customers. Our passion is helping your business grow by creating signs that are vibrant and impactful to capture your businesses unique brand identity. 

Signs attract potential customers in off of the street by letting them know where you are and if you’re open for business. Directional signage lets them know where your office is inside the building, or helps customers navigate your store easily.

Menu boards, sandwich boards, and other hanging signs direct customers to find different departments or advertise special deals and offers. Brilliant Signs & Events can help create a custom solution that meets your needs within your budget and timeline.

More and more businesses are turning to Brilliant Signs & Events for their commercial signage solutions. Let us help you to create professionally designed signs that will build your brand and attract the client base you desire.

Did you know: About 85% of your potential customers pass by your business each month. Take advantage of that by putting a well designed and well-placed sign on your property.   A well designed custom outdoor commercial sign will  provide the opportunity to convert your business location, into profit.

Our Toronto-based team specializes in creating a gamut of custom-made signs to help you tell your brand story.

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