Lightbox Signs

Lightbox signs, otherwise known as illuminated signs are a very effective way to raise awareness about your business during both daytime and nighttime hours. They are easy to read and easy to notice from a distance. Display your  logo outdoors and make it visible day or night with a light box sign. These highly effective and eye-catching signs will instantly catch your customers’ attention, directing them towards your storefront.

Illuminated signs or Lightboxes can include neon signs, LED signs or custom light box signs. Our team has 35 years’ of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of illuminated signs in the Toronto & GTA area. Our attention to detail and quality finished products will ensure that your logo or brand stand out.

Brilliant Signs’ custom lightbox signs are perfect for attracting attention to your business – they are a cost-effective and highly sought-after way to engage possible new customers and direct them to your business.

These signs can be placed in several locations throughout your business – from the outside of your store or office, curbside to indicate the location of your business and indoors to highlight services or enhance your business branding.

Illuminated signs can lend visibility to stores, restaurants, schools, places of worship and more. Backlit film light box signs are visually appealing, continuous advertisement for your company. The lighted boxes are made of translucent acrylic or Lexan for the sign face, and the back and sides are made of premium aluminum for safety and durability. Other benefits of custom light box signs include energy efficiency and durability. An acrylic light box sign is a great long-term investment towards the success of your business.

Benefits include:

  • Weather resistant, allows you to advertise anywhere, in all  weather conditions, day or night
  • Highly visible, will attract more attention than non-lighted signs
  • Clarity to audience; your signage will convey your message even in dark and poorly lit locations
  • Swap out graphics frequently to keep your messages fresh or capitalize on new promotional opportunities

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