3D Lettering Signs

3D Lettering Signs are versatile and can range from simple to very complex depending on your graphic needs. They can be custom crafted from PVC, acrylic, aluminum and other materials.

They can be mounted in several ways, including directly to the wall, mounted with pins off the wall or attached to a backing panel. What sets 3D signs apart from more common, two-dimensional signs, is that they lend a more polished and professional image to your company logo. 3D Letter signs make most people walking or driving past do a double take, because the 3D effect achieved during their manufacturing process creates a pop-up effect that cannot be ignored.

Brilliant Signs has more than 25 years experience in the design, production and installation of 3D Lettering Signs in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We utilize only the highest quality materials and are dedicated to impeccable craftsmanship.

Whether indoors or outdoors, the shape and shading of 3D signs and letters catch the eye in ways that flat, two-dimensional letters, logos and graphics simply can’t match! Indoor company logos can be placed above doorways and entrances and in reception areas for eye-catching effect, then expand the look down passages and into presentation areas for enhanced visibility. Outdoors, your company’s 3D logo can be mounted on walls, facades or poles, or make a bold statement on a monument sign.  3D Logo signs utilise various materials, including metal, plastic, aluminum, wood and others.

When it comes to creating 3D letter signs that truly stand out, there are countless material, colour, font and set-up options.

Our professional team is always available to assist you in crafting the perfect 3D sign for you.

Feel free to reach us at (416) 732-2436 or via email at brilliantsigns4@gmail.com for 3D Lettering Signs today

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